About us

EMIL Company has been a specialist in production, it is in washing, removing pulp as well as in drying cherry stones for a couple of years.We are a manufacturer, not a trader, and this fact matters a lot to our customers. The process begins in the summer season when we start buying stones from local cold stores.

The stones we finally accept undergo a complicated treatment process. Pulp remains are carefully removed on a specially designed technological line. Only and exclusively clean water, without any chemicals or biologically active substances, is used in the washing process.

Cherry The stones

Washed stones are placed in a dryer. The air temperature during drying is carefully controlled so that the stones are disinfected and spores forms killed, but their natural fragrance kept. The process ends with a laborious manual selection in order to get rid of any foreign bodies.

Each batch of stones undergoes laboratory testing to ensure the quality.

Our quality is distinguished by:

  • nearly zero breakage
  • total removal of pulp
  • moisture 6-8%
  • natural aroma or delicate cherry fragrance
  • natural colour

The stones are packed in 5, 10, 25 kg bags or Big Bags (950 kg), upon our customers' request.